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オペラ「カラ兄」あらすじ #18



第18場 私をどこか遠くに連れてって
 貴族のムシャロヴィッチとヴルブレフスキーは、テーブル席にすわりトランプをしている。半分酒が入ったグラスをもって椅子に座っているグルーシェニカは、突然入ってきたミーチャを見る。「ミーチャ! ここに掛けて。あなたに会えてうれしいわ!」 シャンパンが運ばれてきた。
 グルーシェニカは言う。「ミーチャ、私、ここにいる誰かを愛しているわ。誰だかわかる?」 旅館の歌とばか騒ぎはおさまっていく。グルーシェニカは続けて言う。「ミーチャ、私を連れてって!」
 ミーチャは答える。「無罪だ! 私じゃない! 私じゃない! 私には有罪の血は一滴も流れていないんだ!」

18. Take me away, far away…
A hall in an inn. The landowners Mussyalevich (the officer who has returned to Grushenka) and Vrublevsky are sitting playing cards at a table. Sitting in a chair with a half-full glass, Grushenka suddenly sees Mitya at the door. "Mitya! Sit down, I´m glad to see you!" Champagne is brought. Mitya suggests the landowners play a round. Having lost several hundred, Mitya takes the Polish landowners aside. "If you want three thousand, landowner, take it and begone," he tells Mussyalevich. "Five hundred roubles this very minute, the rest tomorrow." Understanding that Mitya does not have three thousand, they proudly turn Mitya down and Mussyalevich tells Grushenka of the conversation. Grushenka (to Mitya): "Is it possible he took money from you?" Mussyalevich says "I came to take you as a wife, but see quite another miss, not the one there was before…" "Oh, get out, go back to whence you came!" Mitya throws himself at the Pole. His path is blocked by a throng of musicians and young women singing and dancing in the crowded room. Grushenka says "I love someone here, Mitya. Can you guess who?" The songs and merriment at the inn fade away… Grushenka continues, "Take me, Mitya!!!" In the eyes of Grushenka and Mitya, everything and everyone around them have disappeared. "… Don´t touch me. We must be pure and good… Take me far, far away, do you hear?" Mitya replies "Far, far away…" Grushenka continues "They´re not animals, they are kind…" Mitya replies "I´d give up my whole life for just one hour." Together they sing "The snow is bright, the church bell rings… the church bell… Far, far away…" Meanwhile, the church bell begins to chime. The district police officer and his gendarmes enter and approach Mitya. "Retired Lieutenant Karamazov, you are arrested on suspicion of the murder and robbery of your father." Mitya replies "Not guilty! Not I! Not I! There is no guilty blood in my veins!" The officer continues "Grigory the servant is alive, he has regained consciousness. And will give evidence."
Compiled by Yuri Dimitrin
(The Brothers Karamazov - SYNOPSIS)
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